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Rachel LiSooong
Born in 2385 on the Trill homeworld as the only child of her family, Renhol knew she was meant to be joined to a symbiont as long as she can remember. She did try to prepare herself as everyone else does by studying, however she found out very soon that she is not good at science or math at all.

Unable to fit in on Trill, she forged her birth record and entered Starfleet Academy command track when she was barely 15. This was eventually discovered after her first year. However, because of the growing tension with the Klingons, and the fact that her grade was amount the highest in her class, Starfleet decided not to expel her. She got her nickname 'Rachel' from her human classmates in the Academy.

During her 3rd year in the Academy, Renhol was called back to Trill to join to the relatively young symbiont Vox. Due to their non-violent nature, joined Trills usualy prefer academic pursuits. Vox is an exception as all of its previous hosts were tactical experts. Kirad Vox was killed recently during a combat mission, and Renhol was the most logical choice at that time.

Dreamed of joining for her whole life, Renhol not only adjusted to this change gracefully, she even managed to benefit from Vox's experience in her final year in the Academy.

Renhol excels in space combat tactics. However due to her slender build, she was not very good at personal combats. Fortunately, with the 3 life-times of experience in martial art from the symbiont Vox, it was more than enough to compensate for her physical disadvantages, and allowed her to graduated second in her class.

As a tactical officer, Renhol prefers escorts over other ship classes for their maneuverability. In personal combats her favourite weapons are sniper rifles because of their range. On a side note, she hate armor suits because they 'cover her figure'.
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