Captain's Crew Log
Stardate 185209.81329690357

One year ago, Hutch, Dj Quick and I decided we'd start our own fleet. We were each in different fleets at the time, who didn't really every play together or do anything of value. There were grumblings of fleet starbases coming. Finally, something for fleets to do, together! So, we left our respective fleets and grabbed two randoms at esd and away we went. It was slow going at first, grabbing friends we'd made durring our first two years playing, good players in stf who weren't already in a fleet, etc. The Kriegs, Little Soldier's, Jamal, and Sarek joined. Soon we had 40 members or so, and formed a very tight knit community. Before long, we had around 100 members and season 6 was launching. We even launched a sister Klingon fleet for those with Klingon alts, so we could continue to play together regardless of faction, with Hutch and Thad stepping up to do leadership there.

Today, we are one of the larger fleets in the game. We are further along than most on the starbase/embassy. Other fleets are going the way of the dodo, and yet we are still going strong. We are currently at 237 members, and I can honestly say I enjoy playing with everyone.

My personal goal (and I'm sure this is true for Hutch, and DJ as well), was to get a group of people together, that are not just skilled at the game, but people I can get to know, and call, friends. And I think we've accomplished that.

Heres to another great year in Star Trek Online.

Thanks to all of you,

Captain's Crew Log

Stardate: -308829.8561643835

Today marks the second year since I convinced Hutch and DJ Quick to form a fleet with me. We've accomplished quite a bit over the bast year, brought in some great new people, and made huge amount of progress, not the least of which is getting the Starbase to Tier 5.

I just wanted to say thanks to everyone for making this such an awesome place to spend my free time, and I'm sure year 3 will be even better.

Thanks to each and every one of you,

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