Ka -tet

Squint, the pilot god

 Parker was born in a small Texas town in the summer of 2383.  Coming from a long line of engineers, pilots, and sailors Star-fleet just seemed his destiny.  He attended Texas A&M then transferred to Star-fleet Academy for his graduate studies.  Parker has dual Master degrees in Warp Theory  and Advanced Mechanical Engineering.

   While at the Academy, Parker assisted as a grad student on the development of the Aegis engines and has worked to integrate Borg technological advancements into ship systems.  While serving as an Ensign aboard the USS Constellation, Parker along with the ship were assigned to assist the Vega Colony.  During the battle, the main bridge was destroyed and the Constellation was mortally wounded.  Parker took command, using the remaining torpedoes to fire a wide barrage on the Borg and then set the ship to auto-fire.  After ensuring all survivors were evacuated, he set the ship on course for a Tactical Cube and set the self destruct timers,  For his heroism and bravery, Parker was promoted to Lieutenant and given command of his own ship, the USS Isaac Asimov.

   In the time since then, Parker and his crew have served in a major capacity across the Galaxy and through his diplomatic efforts many major and minor species have become amiable to the Federation.  He is one of only a few Flag Officers that is invited to by the House of Mogh to attend the Feast of Qot baVol.  He is also a trusted advisor to the Romulans, Cardassians, and Bajorans.  Finally, information has been obtained from Borg data rods that the Borg Queen considers Parker one of the greatest obstacles to assimilating the Alpha Quadrant; which Parker takes as his highest honor.

   At this time, Parker oversees the command of many ships, but his flag is most often assigned to the USS Jules Verne, or USS Ray Bradbury.  For 2411, Parker and his crew were ranked 4th of among all Star-fleet ships for effectiveness.  That will change this year....


 This file has been sealed and redacted by Starfleet Intelligece. Access to this file must requested through Independent Neuralnet Division. There is little to no guarantee that requests for such information will be granted.

Paramoni - the intellect and the sacrifice

One face of  three. One who has died many times. Like the workers at the tower of Babel, each person she has met

Lady Themis - the woman of a thousand faces

 Like the workers at the tower of Babel, each person she has met has seen a different image.

The Shrike - now you see her, now you're dead.

 Named by the Yridians after an ornithological species originating on earth that impales its pray/victims. She is the head of the Independent Neuralnet Division. Not even her advisers know her true name: Kira Valan. She is the wealthiest of the wealthy. Ferengi kiss her feet, Jem'Hadar revere her. She commands the respect of hundreds of worlds. Some say even the Undine fear her.

 Nektarios - a miracle of biology

 Having been infected but various pathogens (administered by less than savory Kretassan biologists), he developed immunities to all of the engineered viruses. Though he is a carrier, he is not contagious. His immune system has mutated the viruses into elements that his body can use to benefit....   As a result, he is highly resilient to extreme temperatures; can develop anti-bodies for any ailment; has developed the ability to see beyond the human light spectrum; can perform extraordinary work on a ship, for example, as long as he consciously wills his body and brain to use all its resources into developing more synapses.
Though the quirk in his physiology has protected him from the experiments done unto him, it has left visible signs of stress on his body.

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